HOPI EAR CANDLING: Hopi ear candling is a traditional non-invasive treatment for the following conditions: sinus, congestions, migraine, ringing in the ear, vertigo, anxiety, depression, snoring, swimmers ear, glued ear and many more. The candles used for this treatment by BodyJoy Massage are made of natural beewax with essential oils that have been proven to have healing properties. Hopi ear candling can not be conducted without a patch test. Please when booking bear this in mind.

Welcome to Bodyjoy massage and beauty services Ltd. We are professional beauty and massage therapy providers. We specialised in facials, waxing, tainting, Swedish massage, Aromatherapy massage, Hot stone massage, Cellulite massage, Indian head massage, and special Balm of Gilead full body or neck and shoulder massage.  Our professional Hopi Ear Candling therapeutic holistic treatment is something you would like to try if you are currently experiencing any of the following symptoms: Tinnitus(ringing in the ear), congestion, sinus, vertigo, snoring, partial hearing loss, migraine, anxiety, depression, lack of concentration, insomnia, ear wax (carumen), restlessness, hayfever, colds, tension headaches, stress etc.

Our contact details are:

Email: bodyjoymassage@gmail.com

Telephone: 07598935578 OR 01706558078

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Are you thinking of pampering yourself or surprising someone you love with a spa treat? Look no further as we have in place a complete day spa treatment package.

Chose from any of these pair for a 1 hour 30 minutes Treatment for just £35

1) Facials plus Dry back brush, exfoliation and massage. 1.30 minutes Treatment for £35.00

2)  Classic facials plus Hopi ear candling 2 hours  Treatment for just £40.00

3) full body dry brushing, exfoliation,  plus back facials and back massage 1 hour 30 minutes  Treatment for £35.00.  

4) choice of one hour full body massage (aromatherapy, hot stone, Indian Head or swedish) plus classic facials total hours is 1 hour 30 minutes treatment for only £35.

You can choose your own pair that is mix and match your self from our list of treatments for 1 hour or 1hour 30 minutes for £35. This should not include ear candling. Any pair that includes ear candling is £40.

For Father's day pampering please call or text to book. However, we can only work on  Mondays to Saturdays NO Sundays.

The cheapest retail price for these treatments in SPAS is £60. Your Joy is your strength. Book now. 

Call or text or Whatsapp us on 07598935578 OR 01706558078

  OR Check our Spa Essence Website for more deals, vouchers and coupons: www.bjoyspaessence.co.uk

NECK AND SHOULDER MASSAGE: Studies shows that the cervical spine (neck) is the main housing unit of the spinal cord that transmits messages to the rest of the body from the brain. When the neck is over stressed, it affects the totality of body's working mechanism. This is why regular massage is necessary to keep the neck flexible. Here at Bodyjoy Massage, we offer professional Indian head massage that takes care of the whole cervical region of the spinal cord. You can book through treat well website or by text to 07598935578.

HOT STONE MASSAGE: hot stone massage is one of the most sought after treatment in Spas. This is because it has vital therapeutic effect to the body's circulatory system and is quite relaxing on tensed muscles and knots. Bodyjoy Massage Services offers a professional hot stone massage treatment to clients at affordable prices. Please you can book through treat well website or text 07598935578.

You need to pamper yourself? we are here to help give your body the best treatment as desired. We offer strictly professional therapeutic and relaxation services.

Do you know that 1 hour massage session is equivalent to 8 hours sleep? You can imagine how relaxed your body will feel after the hustling and bustling of the day.


Our services are quite affordable starting from £20.00 for 30 minutes session.